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Morocco Cookery Classes

Cooking Tagine

What a wonderful way to spend a morning or afternoon! You'll get the chance to go shopping for the items needed for your chicken tagine (chicken stew) as well as all the amazing herbs and spices tp add to the dish. You'll put in saffron, a spice so expensive in the western world, it is rarely used. In Morocco, prices are relatively cheap, plus it will make your meal taste amazing. Your Moroccan host, gives you a wonderful insight into Moroccan cooking as she describes and cooks with you to show you a unique insight into this country and it's sumptuous flavours.


Cooking Tagine

Half Day

2-10 people


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Cooking Your Tagine

You'll meet your host at your hotel as you are escorted to the markets in and around the medina to buy all the ingredients to cook up your tagine. From the Chicken to the potatoes, you'll get to see how this dish is put together. As we head back to the Riad, we'll start the process of preparing all the food and putting it inside our clay pots to cook slowley whilst we chat with the other guests and enjoy a cup of mint tea. And do you want to know what the best thing about this trip is? You get to EAT what you made. Afterwards, you'll be escorted back to your hotel.

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