Morocco Whitewater Season Begins

With the weather still a little cold in the UK and Europe, the weather and rivers in Morocco offer the perfect opportunity to take a break from the “endless winter” and at the same time experience a country and culture which is truly exotic. We have been runningĀ  river operations in Morocco for 15 years and in fact pioneered the sport in Morocco. We now offer far more than just rafting, with all the best and most professional adventure activities on offer from quad biking to hot air ballooning and helicopter flights.

Try Dune Buggies or Quad Bikes on your trip

Morocco whitewater is ideal for the whole family. There are trips on offer down the Ourika River, just a short drive out of Marrakech, for half a day, or the amazing Ahansel River for a spectacular experience and 2 nights spent camping on the river. You’ll get to travel down Morocco’s best river, through spectacular scenery and gorges.

Inftable Kayaking On The Ourika River

If you are a little more adventurous, we suggest taking either an inflatable kayak (ducky) or joining one of our expert kayak instructors in a tandem kayak (the only one in the country) to paddle down the rivers we offer. Try something new and different this year on your holiday to Morocco.

Tandem Kayaking on Ahansel RiverSee you in the warmth of Morocco!

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Exploring Morocco’s Rivers For Rafting

A couple of our guides have just come back from doing a recce trip for a forthcoming TV series in the US. We were treated to some old favourites like the Ahansel River, but also we were lucky enough to find some new rivers also. We’ll be adding this to our list of rafting trips in Morocco in 2012.

A successful run down the Ahansel River

In the meantime come and join us for an amazing trip down the Ahansel or Ourika River, for fun in a raft, inflatable kayak, tandem kayak or tubing. If you are not a river person, then we have all sorts on offer from Hot Air Ballooning to Quad Biking.

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Morocco’s Best Whitewater Rafting

Hidden deep in the Atlas Mountains, 5 hours drive from Marrakech lies the gorgeous Ahansel River. This stunning river is a two day trip which features Morocco’s best whitewater rafting. The season is best with the spring run off from the Atlas Mountains from March until June. On the way to the river is the perfect opportunty to stop at Cascade D’Ouzoud, Morocco’s highest waterfall, for some lunch, before passing Bin El Ouidane, the gorgeous lake where you’ll finish your river trip.

Hitch hiking with Dazz on the back of the safety kayak

Once in Tiloguite, the tiny village where we start our trips, you’ll get a chance to explore the village and the great environmental impact we are having on this village. We have helped with both schooling and sanitation in the area. You’ll stay in our comfy Berber Tents on the side of the river and you’ll get the chance to buy drinks from the Fezbar!

Neil and his crew approaching The Mill

The Ahansel River offers continuous rapids for the entire first day. Perfect for first timers, families or corporate groups, you’ll also get to see working flour mills, Kasbahs and there is the opportunity to hike if you wish as well. Our second Berber Camp is well down the Ahansal River on your 80 km journey. The scenery is stunning as your meal is prepared and you get to relax with your fellow paddlers around an open fire.

Relax after the trip in the hot tub!

The last day sees us pass through the deepest gorges on the Ahansel River, 300 feet high and barely the width of a raft before we are collected by boat and dropped off on the other side of the lake where you can relax and have a sauna or sit in the hot tub and have lunch, all before returning to Marrakech. You’ll also get a free CD of photos of the river trip.

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Marrakech’s Newest Adventure – Helicopter Scenic Flights

There are very few ways to better see a country than from the air. In addition to the amazing Hot Air Balloon flights that we offer each morning (weather permitting) comes Marrakech’s newest adventure, a scenic helicopter flight around Mt Toubkhal, Morocco’s highest peak. Travel in spacious and comfortable new helicopters flown by experienced French pilots.

Flying back from Mount Toubkhal

In addition to this excellent new Marrakech adventure, experience our new Awesome Foursome adventure based in the gorgeous Atlas Mountains, featuring a helicopter flight to the river, sky diving, rafting the Ahansel river and quad biking. This is not for the faint hearted, but rest assured, this will leave you exhilarated on your adventure holiday to Morocco.

Paddling The Ahansel River on the Awesome FoursomeSee Morocco from a different perspective!

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Marrakech Quad Biking

Just a short drive from Marrakech city centre is one of the best adventure activities on offer in the area. Quad biking has often been plagued by myths that it is dangerous and often has been accompanied by accidents. Our partners Dunes and Deserts have been running quad biking trips in Morocco for longer and safer than anyone else. All participants are given a full safety briefing and the most up to date quality gear on the market. This half day trip will give you not only a superb quad biking experience, but also a wonderful insight into Moroccan life as we travel through amazing villages and stop for the obligatory mint tea en route.

Quad biking through the Palmerie in Marrakech

Options for this trip also exist if you decide to visit the amazing coastal town of Essaouira. Possibly best known for kite surfing, Essaouira is also famous for it’s world class dunes to the south end of the beach, perfect for any quad biking enthusiast. No adventure holiday is complete in Morocco without a fantastic few days spent in Essaouira. We have daily departures each and every day of the year for 2 nights.

Quad biking the dunes at Essaouira

Quad biking trips are available daily for half a day and for a small additional charge a passenger can also be taken on the back of the quad bike.

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Rafting in Morocco

Morocco being close to Europe has become a popular destination for adventure seekers. In the winter months, Morocco has excellent whitewater rafting and kayaking. The most notable rivers that are run are the Ourika River, just a short drive (45 minutes) from Marrakech. The river tends to go up and down quite quickly and as such can be a thrilling rafting trip, or in lower flows and excellent tubing trip. This is where guests are given a specially designed inflatable tube which they paddle down the river using hand paddles worn as gloves. The Ourika can be run from January until June with either rafts or tubes.

Paddling down the Ourika River
For people after a more authentic rafting experience, it is well worth making the Ahansel River a priority on your next trip. We pioneered rafting and whitewater in Morocco nearly 15 years ago and have been leading the way pioneering new rivers and canyons ever since. The Ahansal River is 2 days of fun whitewater, mostly Grade 2-4 which is perfect for families, friends and corporate groups to come and experience a unique part of Morocco. At the end of your trip, you’ll get to relax and unwind in a hot tub or sauna and enjoy lunch before driving back to Marrakech. As part of your trip, you’ll get to see the stunning Cascade D’Ouzoud, Morocco’s highest waterfall.

Neil and Crew paddling The Mill

If you are a kayaker and wanting to explore Morocco, we have a number of trips to help out, whether it is with paddling logistics, taking a tandem kayak down the Ahansel River for some adventure, or learning to kayak, with our well known Morocco Kayak School.

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Welcome To Morocco Adventures & Rafting New Website

Far from being a new company, we have been exploring Morocco for the past 14 years. We were the first company to run many of the rivers in Morocco and have made it our second home. Add to that our knowledge of all the amazing places we know in Marrakech and the surrounding area, means you are going to have an EXCELLENT adventure holiday in Marrakech. We have introduced a number of Moroccan Adventure Tours, some at the beach in Essaouira and some incorporating the fun filled Ahansel River trip near Bin El Ouidane.

Darryn and Crew paddling down the Ahansel River

You can plan and book your entire adventure online with our secure site, plus we are always on hand with our offices in the UK, France and of course Morocco if we can offer any help and advice on your trip, even if its where to get the best Tagine! We have conveniently added a link for you to Skyscanner which allows you to plan and book your flights to coincide with the best deals and your adventure plans.

Quad biking through the Palmerie near Marrakech

We look forward to sharing Morocco’s best adventures with you in the New Year!

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