Morocco’s Best Whitewater Rafting

Hidden deep in the Atlas Mountains, 5 hours drive from Marrakech lies the gorgeous Ahansel River. This stunning river is a two day trip which features Morocco’s best whitewater rafting. The season is best with the spring run off from the Atlas Mountains from March until June. On the way to the river is the perfect opportunty to stop at Cascade D’Ouzoud, Morocco’s highest waterfall, for some lunch, before passing Bin El Ouidane, the gorgeous lake where you’ll finish your river trip.

Hitch hiking with Dazz on the back of the safety kayak

Once in Tiloguite, the tiny village where we start our trips, you’ll get a chance to explore the village and the great environmental impact we are having on this village. We have helped with both schooling and sanitation in the area. You’ll stay in our comfy Berber Tents on the side of the river and you’ll get the chance to buy drinks from the Fezbar!

Neil and his crew approaching The Mill

The Ahansel River offers continuous rapids for the entire first day. Perfect for first timers, families or corporate groups, you’ll also get to see working flour mills, Kasbahs and there is the opportunity to hike if you wish as well. Our second Berber Camp is well down the Ahansal River on your 80 km journey. The scenery is stunning as your meal is prepared and you get to relax with your fellow paddlers around an open fire.

Relax after the trip in the hot tub!

The last day sees us pass through the deepest gorges on the Ahansel River, 300 feet high and barely the width of a raft before we are collected by boat and dropped off on the other side of the lake where you can relax and have a sauna or sit in the hot tub and have lunch, all before returning to Marrakech. You’ll also get a free CD of photos of the river trip.

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